As a workers’ cooperative, employees of Bread and Roses Design and Print Cooperative are in charge of all aspects of the business. Every decision is made democratically by the people doing the work. As the client, this means you can be assured that everyone working on your project has a vested interest in your success. Being a workers’ cooperative means that we don’t have to inflate our prices to pay an unproductive CEO.



Bread and Roses Design and Print Cooperative is a proud union shop, signed with the Boston Newspaper Printing Pressman’s Union Local 3. We encourage everyone in the market for any service to look for a Union Label, as it is the only way to truly ensure that the employees working on your project earn a fair wage and work under safe, dignified working conditions.


of our business is from repeat customers and customer referrals.

mailers printed and delivered during the last election season

Our social media clients see an average traffic increase of 




From business cards to billboards and all sizes in between, our graphic design team will ensure your message is well-received, no matter the audience. We have extensive collective experience in guiding and executing political campaign design, business startups and businesses in need of a graphical overhaul. We can work within any budget and will always provide transparent, up-front estimates.


Our web clients have included political candidates, non-profit organizations, real estate investment firms, lifestyle brands and brick-and-mortar retail stores. We handle everything from domain search and purchase, hosting, custom email addresses and shopping cart setup. Your web presence is an extremely valuable tool for visibility, and we recommend reaching out to us even if you think your budget is too low.


As a fully-equipped union print shop, we can print your brochures, menus, palm cards flyers, posters, business cards, raffle tickets, campaign and event t-shirts, stickers, photographs and nearly everything that we design.



4×6 Mailer

1000 $450 + Discounted Postage Cost
6×9 Mailer 1000 $630 + Discounted Postage
8.5×11 Mailer 1000 $790 + Discounted Postage
Doorhangers 500 $410
Palm Cards 1000 $260
Flyers 500 $90 + Discounted Postage
Campaign T-Shirts 1-15 $17.70 per shirt
Campaign T-Shirts 15-100 $15.50 per shirt
Campaign Lapel Stickers 500 $245
2-Color Biodegradable Yard Signs 100 $1070 + Shipping
2-Color Eco-Friendly Yard Signs 100 $770 + Shipping
3-Color Eco-Friendly Yard Signs 100 $970 + Shipping
3” Round Buttons 50 $98
Business Cards 500 $54


Our team has more than a decade of collective experience in event, portrait, product and wedding photography. We are well-equipped to provide professional headshots, cover campaign announcements or fundraisers, drone photography and beautiful wedding photography that you will want to look back on for a lifetime.


Our social media marketing team has extensive experience in effective social media advertising through targeted advertisement optimization, ad design and product photography. We always provide and evaluate insightful analytics and engagement data along the way and adjust as needed to make sure traffic is increasing in both quantity and quality. No budget is too small, as we can scale our output to meet you where you need to be.


Bread and Roses Design and Print is a full-service mailhouse. We can print and mail postcards up to full-page, letters in envelopes, menus, coupons and advertising. As a bulk mailer we are able to offer discounted postage rates, which we pass on directly to you. For business or political advertising, we are able to send targeted mailers by geographic location or by other available demographics.


“Bread and Roses Design built my campaign website from scratch and provided my campaign with design work throughout my election. The team was a pleasure to work with and always made sure I had what I needed when I needed it.”



    To email a member of our team, please click the team member’s name.

Mikaela Enos

Account Manager

Mikaela has made a career in account management and sales throughout Rhode Island. She has extensive experience in direct sales, account management, email marketing, record-keeping, inventory management, procurement and outside sales.

Her expertise is in direct customer relations and she prides herself in always putting the client’s needs first. Her procurement and negotiation abilities allow our team to offer clients the best possible prices for printed material.

Jansen Mayer

Graphic Designer & Brand Consultant

Jansen Mayer is a New Hampshire native with an educational background in graphic and web design and a strong eye for brand identity and business startup work. His work in web design and knowledge of several web coding languages allows us to provide web design services ranging from simple informational websites to more complex sites with shopping carts or direct ordering capabilities.

Jansen has worked with clients in businesses large and small, ranging from solo Youtube streamers to larger chain retail stores.

Benjamin Branchaud

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Benjamin Branchaud is a life-long Rhode Island resident with several years of experience in varying aspects of graphic design, including professional experience in newspaper layout, web design, political campaign logos, yard signs, social media advertisements and direct mailer design. He spent nearly a decade perfecting his photography craft, with a portfolio spanning event photography, fashion photography, photojournalism, street photography and portraits.

Ben’s experience in the political field allows him to create graphics for politicians that are not only visually appealing but also persuasive and effective.

Emma Elizabeth

Illustrator & Printer

Emma is a well-rounded illustrator whose work ranges from clean line drawings for placement in logos to detailed illustrations for booklets and brochures. Her unique, on-trend style allows her to add an impossible-to-duplicate touch to each design.

Taylor Enos

Spanish-Language Translator

Taylor Enos is a Salve Regina alumn with an extensive educational background in the Spanish language, including full immersion and theses writing. Taylor can accurately translate political flyers, mailers and posters in specific regional dialects.

His addition to our team allows us to turn around dual-language material in much less time than those who search for a translator for each project.

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